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IAM, DAG, PAM: Using identities to break the silos of security tools

Between 2009 and 2014, the number of successful attacks on information security increased at an average annual rate of 66%. Bearing in mind that insiders are responsible for two thirds of these attacks, managing users' access rights has become a critical issue taken very seriously by senior management. A large number of security solutions are now available, offering different value propositions. Identity and access management (IAM), data access governance (DAG) and privileged account management (PAM) solutions each make their contribution at different levels to controlling access rights. As the common denominator, the user's identity can be used to de-compartmentalize these solutions, culminating in an integrated security concept. This white paper describes a framework for using these products based on user identity, and outlines an integrated architecture meeting IT security requirements over the long term.

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Nine tips for a successful Identity and Access Management project implementation

More and more IT security incidents impact businesses, regardless of sector, size or activity. Unauthorized access, usurpation of identities, data leakage... businesses can no longer afford to ignore the risk of cyber-attacks, nor assume that attackers will never be able to penetrate the information system. This is why leading analysts (KuppingerCole, Pierre Audouin Conseil, Gartner...) emphasize the need to deploy an IAM system (Identity and Access Management) to complete the arsenal of security measures for the company's information system. The IAM projects are now a real priority for anyone who wants to strengthen its cyber security. However, it is clear that many initiatives are hampered by failures encountered by other companies. It is therefore essential to properly prepare the project implementation, both in its technical and business aspects. Here are some best practices that can contribute to a successful IAM project.

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What you need to know about IAM System Migration

The question of system migration is a boon companion for IAM customers. In a compact set of best practices and recommendations, the Berlin-based software firm gives you hands-on advice to facilitate your replacement project.

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